~*~SilkyBrown~*~ (deevadeluxe) wrote in ww_friends,

I had such a bad week on WW. I have hosted numerous gatherings at my house over the past week that consisted of food that was not WW friendly at all and I have probably used up all my weekly points and then some. I am sooooo mad at myself. I hate the fact that I know how much I want to lose by the end of July (which is my 10%) and I keep putting myself in difficult situations that I am not yet ready to handle and sabotage the success I am having. I would not be surprised if I gained back 5 lbs of the 11 lost. :o(

Please somebody cheer me up because depression is my worst enemy. My husband keeps trying to tell me it is not physically possibl;e to undo all the success I had in one week.....is it?
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