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W.I. Day

I know I really struggled this week. I made a lot of bad choice and worked my points around junkf ood which is awful. I have done 100% better in my choices since Monday. My heart was racing on the way to the WW. I was resolved to think I either gained weight (which I think I would have been mad at myself) or stayed the same. My WW leader is great and she really knows how to have a genuine interest in everyone and keep everyone motivated. I got on the scale, closed my eyes, and she told me I had a 2lb loss....which is wonderful because it was sooo unexpected. SO I am at 13lbs loss. I want to at least get to my 10% by the end of July. I have 10 more pounds to go to conquer my first goal and then we can start the whole process again. It feels great to finally be doing something right with my life for once. :o)
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