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Good news! :0)

Well, hunnies, I ended up signing up to WW once again. Yes, I was doing it before but it didn't work out for me just right, because I was doing it for myself. I did loose 4 pounds but that's really nothing for a month into the plan on and off. Now I feel more encouraged and ready to do this for myself! I know I have to do good for WI and I for myself and my soon to be vacation on the end of July.

Also I need some input? Is it normal to be on a weight loss battle with someone?
Well, let me tell you why I am asking. Me and my cousin are about the same weight. she is older then me I am 20 and she is 25. Well, the point is that we have always been around the same body type. I was always usually much more thinner then her until I met my b/f and I gained about 50 pounds, now looking like her body type much more. So she was always envious of me and she would always try to be better then me. well, ever sense she found out I was in WW she started a diet also and is now loosing weight. I know its a stupid question but I just have this anger in me that makes me want to do better to look better then her. Does anyone else go threw this? or is there something wrong with me? I know I should just do this for myself, and I am. But I also want to leave her in awe.

Before i leave here is a tip i recived in the mail from hungrygirl.com *good to know*
Frozen Entrees Good for Weight Loss

Want to drop a few pounds? Frozen meals can help! A recent study showed that people who chowed down on packaged frozen entrees lost more weight than those who didn't. The reason? Portion control. There's simply less room for error when you're eating pre-made entrees. Want to incorporate some delicious frozen meals into your diet? Try some of the lower fat South Beach Diet meals, Gardenburger Meals, Lean Cuisine's Spa Cuisine, or foods make by a company called Eat-Rite (they're harder to find but sooo good!). Heads up! Some of these meals are very high in sodium so if you're watching your salt intake be careful.
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