Jaclyn Ray (estrella2005) wrote in ww_friends,
Jaclyn Ray

sorry i forgot to do this...

[x]Name: Jackie
[x]Location: Connecticut
[x]Are you recently on the WW plan: attempting to get back on track
[x]if so, what plan are you on: flex plan
[x]current weight(if you wish to share): 157
[x]Goal weight: 125
[x]Have you lost weight or seen any results with the ww plan: yes, i used to be at 147 (down from 161, my starting weight) and then for some reason, i fell off track
[x]What is your favorite food/recipe: the ww snack bars are amazing!
[x]Do you have a favorite activity or fitness video you recommend: during the summer i love to swim...and during the school year, i dance, so that keeps me moving
[x]any advice for your ww_friends: don't give up!!
[x]why did you join this community: i needed motivation and inspiration
[x]Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself (they can be a before and after picture): pictures soon to come
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