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no other road, no other way

i just got back from a nice refreshing walk.  i'm really motivated right now; tonight i went out and bought myself a cute new pair of pink running shorts and a matching top, and now i can pack it with me when i go on vacation on sunday!  i'm going to the beach for a week, and at first i was really afraid to go on vacation.  but i'm bringing my bike, my roller blades, and i'll be able to walk and use my 5lb. dumbells.  plus, i'll be swimming (hopefully the water won't be too cold, it is new england after all!) so the exercise should counteract any unhealthy eating, which i'm going to try my hardest to avoid.  not to say that i need material things to be motivated, but having new work out clothes makes me want to exercise so much more!  it's great going for walks at night too, cause i can just pop in my headphones and jam out when i walk.

today i was browsing through the ww_friends community members, and

gottalose100lbs gave me a great tip as i was reading her journal.  she made a list of realistic goals - how many pounds she wanted to lose and by what date, and what reward she would give herself if she reached her goal.  so today i made a similar list, thoough shorter term, since i want to lose less weight and in a shorter amount of time.  but i've decided that if i lose the amount of weight i want to by august 20th, i will reward myself with a new wardrobe for college.  i think it's easier to lose weight with realistic goals and with rewards to keep looking forward to.  well, i'm off to get a good night's rest...sweet dreams!
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