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*tosses confetti*

I HIT MY 10%!!!

*dances around insanely* "I DIIID IT! I DIIIID IT!!! I HIT MY TEN PERCEEE-ENT!!!"

Special thanks to everyone for their suggestions yesterday - I felt like I had a lot of strength there with me which was so nice :)

I wasn't as "angelic" as I wanted to be (at the Fenway Park event last night) - I started to go back to a few bad habits (it was INCREDIBLY STRESS-FILLED!! The ppl there were VERY difficult to work with and all the pre-work we had done to ensure the evening went smoothly flew head first right out the window! ACK!) BUT BUT BUT ... I was still better than I would have been a year ago at this time (or even 12 weeks ago for that matter!) so I feel good about myself for that. Plus "before" I would have gotten home and binged again before I went to bed. This time I had literally 2 raspberries, realized I wasn't really hungry and was weighing in about 10 hours later so opted to just go to bed. So, all in all, I still feel like a hero :)

(x-posted to spread the ww love)
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