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Worked Out Like A Fiend!

Today Monika and I were supposed to go to the gym. Her daughter is sick though, so that did not happen.....which left it up to me to workout by myself at home since I had no way to get to the gym. I went on the gazelle, popped in my ear phones and worked out more than a bit excessively. Time goes by so fast for me when I am not paying attention to the gazelle computer and happily singing along with my fav tunes. I was drenched by the end. The reading on the clock said 117 minutes! That's a hella long time! The most i have ever been on there for is 84 minutes. It also said I burned 1029 calories. I am glad however that I did not do that on an empty stomach and had a protein shake for breakfast. Well, I'm off to go have a salad for lunch! Have a good day!
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dang, go you!! inspirational for sure!
OMG that's so awesome! i have never been on for more then 45 mins! lol. well i guess i should try myself but i start looking at the time and i get more tired, how does it not tire you? well i must say that im so proud of you! you are doing so good! :0) Keep it up! when is your WI? ttyl
W.I. is tomorrow. I go every Wednesday.
I know that if I was working out on the gazelle in pure silence like I have in the past, after 30mins I get really bored and the drive to go on just isn't there. When I have earphones on and am playing upbeat music that I love (whether it is angry alternative or what not) I end up working alot harder for a heckuva lot longer. I barely notice the time go by. I also make goals for myself while I am on there. I will tell myself that I have to burn at least 500 calories, and then when I get there I end up seeing how many miles I am at and aim for the next mile up. Usually by the time I get to the next mile I look to see how many calories I have burned and aim to earn another 100. It all turns to a viscious cycle of me staying on for anywhere between 80 mins to 120 mins. Boy, did I feel sore today, but it was a good sore. It made me feel motivated. I could not work out today, but I went for a walk because tomorrow at the gym is our leg workout and I do not want to overtrain.