~*~SilkyBrown~*~ (deevadeluxe) wrote in ww_friends,

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Worked Out Like A Fiend!

Today Monika and I were supposed to go to the gym. Her daughter is sick though, so that did not happen.....which left it up to me to workout by myself at home since I had no way to get to the gym. I went on the gazelle, popped in my ear phones and worked out more than a bit excessively. Time goes by so fast for me when I am not paying attention to the gazelle computer and happily singing along with my fav tunes. I was drenched by the end. The reading on the clock said 117 minutes! That's a hella long time! The most i have ever been on there for is 84 minutes. It also said I burned 1029 calories. I am glad however that I did not do that on an empty stomach and had a protein shake for breakfast. Well, I'm off to go have a salad for lunch! Have a good day!
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